Assured at Security Fest 2022

by Peter Magnusson 2022-07-05

For us at Assured, Security Fest is always a big happening. It's a large annual conference in our hometown of Gothenburg. The place to network, learn and have fun!

This year we impressed ourselves with a 100% attendance from Assured, not even a single person AWOL!

Assured regularly participates as a Gold Sponsor, so we're usually found in the sponsor area. This year our booth featured lockpicking and an intentionally vulnerable mini-car for your immediate vehicle hacking needs :-).

Some of our employees also engage in Security Fest as organizers and managing audio/video streaming and recording.

Highlights we remember from the presentations:

  • Jayson E. Street delivered an insanely interesting keynote on how to attack the human factor.
  • Mikael Falkvidd showed us Helium crypto miners and how he rooted a miner.
  • Paul P Coggin showed us how insecure satellites are, and how fear of encryption key corruption has lead to many not employing encryption at all.
  • Yossi Sassi showed how Microsoft AD still has many vulnerabilities prime for exploitation, and how to visualize AD configuration.

One thing which is awesome with Security Fest is the positive atmosphere among speakers and attendees when you network. Yossi Sassi made an amazing impression on more than one of us, and Abraham Aranguren is always a blast. It was also interesting to meet "normal" developers/engineers you have met in your work, and see that they now go to Security Fest!

The conference was packed, and our folks working in the sponsor area reported lots of people in the sponsor hall too. The conference was sold out this year, and the organizers are pondering if there are ways to further grow the conference in the current venue.

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