Open Position: Business Developer


Open position: Business developer

Ready to shift gears? We're seeking a leader to join our great team and grow our Automotive security business area. Our team consists of cyber security specialists in the technical security domain. As a company we believe in transparency and working as a team as this helps us deliver at the highest level towards our customers and partners.

The Automotive industry has an increased focus on cyber security with the introduction of ISO/SAE 21434 and UN Regulation R-155. Security is no longer optional; it's mandatory. That's where we come in!

You can read more about our view on the industry and our investment in our blog post. To support our partners and customers in improving their security we are expanding our offering and growing our team.

Are you our new colleague?

We believe in building long term relationships and we know our reputation and trustworthiness is key for working with security. Our customers trust us to assess, test and find issues in their most sensitive technical areas. Our findings can directly impact their development, end users and their own business reputation.

We are looking for a leader with a business mindset, one capable of creating opportunities, re-package offerings and set a growth strategy with us. You are someone with experience in bridging technology and business, for example by translating from technical terms to value and risk.

What we offer

If this resonates with you - great! This is what we offer:

Work at a truly technical security company where we explore and learn daily. When you join us you invest in us and we in you. You pick your own IT equipment, you have an annual learning budget and you are also encouraged to participate in the broader security community such as OWASP, research projects and local communities. We offer bonus programs, health insurance, pensions and other benefits.

Did we mention the opportunity of a lifetime to build a business area and create a lasting impact in a century-old industry.

Our expectations

What we're looking for in our new Business Developer:

  • A leader with a business mindset, capable of creating opportunities, repackaging offerings, and setting a growth strategy with us
  • Someone experienced in bridging technology and business, adept at translating technical terms into value and risk
  • Genuine interest or experience in cybersecurity
  • An established network within the Automotive industry
  • Knowledge of ISO, regulations, and other standards, as well as certifications (add these to your application!)

We want you to challenge us and our customers with the goal to improve and grow Assured and the security of our customers.

In your daily work you will be responsible for working short term and long term with our Automotive business. Short-term you will be leading ongoing Automotive projects and improving the way we work. We want you to feel responsible for the quality of our work as well as our customers' satisfaction. Long-term you'll be building relationships with prospective customers, updating goals and adapting our strategy.

You will have support from others in the team, e.g. sales, contract negotiations, operations, budgets and finances. However we want someone engaged and you will be able to involve yourself in multiple areas over time.


Apply now ( and join our team of technical security specialists to drive the future of Automotive security. Interviews will be conducted throughout the recruitment process. We look forward to hearing from you!

Your desk, your rules!